Being a better athlete starts with thinking like one


Athlete Mindset is a performance mindset company determined to help athletes find purpose in sport while providing them the skills needed to discover their untapped potential and achieve success on and off the field. We believe that self-reliance, honest self-evaluation and reflection are necessary skills for all athletes. And that in order to have a successful and sustainable career athletes must find a healthy balance between sports and life. It’s our mission to teach them the tools to thrive in both.

Athlete Mindset was founded by Dave Loudenslager; a coach, teacher and former college lacrosse player that is committed to helping young adults realize and achieve their potential. As a teacher Dave helped launch APS Avenues, an alternative education option for students in Aurora, Colorado that focuses on teaching social emotional skills along with challenging academic curriculum. With over twelve years experience as a coach he has worked with competitive athletes in lacrosse, Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit and is driven by a passion to help others.

Let’s build something together.

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